Top 6 Free Web Control Panel For Your Website

Control panel is very necessary to manage your hosting, however one can also manage it by commands but GUI saves your time a lot, and also makes your life easier. The best premium web hosting panel which is very common nowadays, cPanel. However the license of cPanel is not affordable for personal use, if you are a big company with many domains or want to sell web hosting to your clients then cPanel would be affordable, so we will list below the best free web control panel.

Free Web Control Panel List

1. VestaCP

VestaCP is very simple web hosting control panel, it has all the basic features that every web hosting control must have. One thing that one must keep in mind that this control panel is not updated since Nov 30, 2016, there could be higher chances of security issues. However the community is large and helpful. It does not have features such as Softaculous which is an automatic web application software. The GUI is very good looking, i would prefer it mostly for personal use

2. CentOS Web Panel

This is also the most common one, it has the best features such as Softaculous, CloudLinux. This is a good alternative for cPanel but you may not get used to it since the GUI is very different from cPanel. The installation process was very smooth. The updates are also frequent. The only place it lacks is the GUI.

3. Froxlor

You might not have heard about this one, but this one is really perfect in GUI. It also has all the basic features but not extra addons. The community isn’t that big, however the updates are not too much frequent. The last update was on: .

4. Sentora

This one looks much similar to cPanel but not in case of extra addons. You can find out the themes very related to cPanel but it cannot be used as an alternative for cPanel due to the features. But as i researched about this software, it seems that it has security risks. The software is not also updated frequently.

5. aaPanel

Most of you will be reading this name for the first time, but this one is a new free web control panel. I would always recommend people to use new control panel since in most cases they will be always updated frequently. You can also find this on their own website that they have claimed about update every month. The GUI looks modern and different from cPanel. It doesn’t have extra features.

6. Webmin

The GUI of this free web control panel looks very old, including their own website. But who cares about GUI when you are getting all features? The community is large and so there are many third party modules. The last update was on: June 28, 2017.

These were the list of some of the free web control panel, the list may get updated after we find more with good features. Most of the people would only use these free control panels if they have their own VPS, however you can compare here that which would be best for hosting website on, VPS or Web Hosting.

However it is not necessary that you use a free control panel, you can just purchase the most affordable web hosting which also comes with cPanel. You can enjoy all the cPanel features for just $0.50/month by Limitless Hosting.

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