Best Black Friday Deal For Your Hosting Need!

There are many deals on Black Friday, and so one of the company, Limitless Hosting has also have them, but what is unique? Most companies increases their prices to show 80% OFF, but this company keeps the price same and gives you 80% OFF on their product. It is the best Black Friday deal if if you are really in hosting need!

Web Hosting

You might be looking for a hosting this Black Friday, Limitless Hosting has more than 80% OFF on their Web Hosting, and to include more, their all offers are recurring which means that you will pay the same price you paid in this deal unlike other companies which give the discount for one-time only. You might not believe, but one of this deal just costs $2/year which has 10 GB Disk Space, 100 GB Bandwidth, suitable for any type of personal website.

Moreover, if you need more specifications they have deals specially for them. By just paying $10 every year, you can get 300 GB Disk Space & 1 TB Bandwidth. Check this out here.


Reseller Hosting

Would you like to start your own hosting company and looking to resell any of the web services? This company is the best solution since this Black Friday you can start your own business by just paying $10/year with enough specifications for startups. The reseller hosting comes with Web Host Manager/cPanel which is the best solution to manage your clients and also provides automation if you are using any billing system. You can check out all the reseller hosting packages here.


Game server Hosting

Game server hosting is very common, but finding one is one of the most hard work. Limitless Hosting do provides game server hosting at very affordable rates but they are on shared servers. They do not give a dedicated IP, you will get the port. Many servers will be hosted on a same node. But this doesn’t really affect you. The performance will be the same since they monitor all the servers very strictly. With this way they are able to provide most affordable game servers and so this Black Friday you can even get the game server for just $6/year. Look here for more deals.



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