Bitcoin price at its highest! – Lets have a look on other digital currencies!

Our previous article before had a content that if it would touch $10,000 but surprisingly, the price has even gone higher than $10,000. Bitcoin price at its highest, will it fall down now?

Great Increase

There had been a great increase in Bitcoin price since past six months, it didn’t fall down very badly which shows that the investment in them is a clear profit.  The Bitcoin price at the time this article is written costs $11,557. But it is expected that Bitcoin price can fall down anytime, who knows that it is now a time for investors to withdraw all the money? One move can decrease the price, and thus will affect the low investors which will think of price increase.

Interest in other crypto-currencies

I have an opinion that instead of going for Bitcoin, which is already at its highest it would be really great to look up on other crypto-currencies, who knows that it can also go up like Bitcoin. Like no one ever though that the value of Bitcoin would be so high. Oh, but to stay away from the digital currencies that are SCAM, yes many has appeared and they aren’t even currencies, just a way to scam people. The following are the digital currencies that one should actually invest in

  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

Why only these?

The graphs will define better, below will show the price of thirty days.

Ethereum Price Chart (30 Days)


Litecoin Price Chart (30 Days)

Both of these graphs show the great increase, and thus investing before in them would been a right move. But who knows that they might become next Bitcoin? Ethereum has already make half a way to $1,000.


The graphs above shows pretty well that it has given investors a great profit, that is why, in my opinion these crypto-currencies might be next Bitcoin.

Muhammad Hamza

A person addicted to technology

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