Bitcoin Price Fluctuations – Will it touch $10,000?

Recently the Bitcoin price had been very unstable, the price went lower in this week and from yesterday, it started increasing. Bitcoin Price Fluctuations are very dangerous for investors. One wrong move can result in a loss.

Bitcoin Price To Touch $10,000?

On 17th November, at this time, the price touched: 7758.01 US Dollar. Now these fluctuation have created problem for investors. No one knows when price will go higher, or lower. It is expected that its price will touch $10,000 after sometime.

Sudden Decrease of Bitcoin Price This Week

The price was decreasing very rapidly. EU regulator had said that the people who invested in Bitcoin could lose all the money. Indeed it is true that Bitcoin is very risky. But Bitcoin is all about risk. One has to take risk if investing in Bitcoin.

Stay away from frauds!

As the interest in Bitcoin has increased, the rate of fraud has increased. If you are looking to buy Bitcoin, then you should always read the reviews before buying. There are many new so-called crypto-currencies are appearing, which are not crypto-currency in actual but are made for scamming. Websites like “Double your money” are mostly fraud and it would be better to stay away from them. You can easily find the common thing that shows that it is a fraud if they ask you to add your payment method such as credit/debit card details and that can lead it to get misused.

We have an article about Bitcoin Faucets, it is reported that there are many Bitcoin Faucets that do not gives any pay-out.

More interest for companies to use Bitcoin as a Payment Method

Few years ago, it was very rare to see any e-commerce website to be accepting Bitcoin. Now many e-commerce websites, specially hosting companies websites are accepting Bitcoin. One example is Limitless Hosting that accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin.

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