A symbol that can crash ANY iPhone – CRITICAL BUG IN iOS

One of the critical bug found in Apple iPhone, a bug in iOS which can crash your whole mobile in seconds.

A simple symbol can crash any of your device using iOS. This symbol can be sent from any Instant Messaging Application that includes: WhatsApp, Messenger, Discord, Instagram, SnapChat. This is a symbol, so it doesn’t matter where it appears. Even a web page can show you that symbol and can crash your phone.

I myself didn’t believe that this can crash whole phone. But i myself tested this and crashed my friend’s iPhone through Discord Message.

What symbol it is?

This symbol can crash any device using iOS:

For now, if you are reading from your iPhone this would not crash you, because we took its IMAGE, you would get crashed if we added the real symbol in it. The main reason for showing is to make you aware that how it looks like. Moreover you don’t even get a chance to look at this symbol as your phone gets crashed immediately.

Note: This bug will get fixed in future by future updates, however on 20th February 2018, it was tested and it worked. If this doesn’t work then it means that the update has fixed this critical issue.

Any solution for it?

Step 1:
Through your iPhone, open this link – https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/ Once that’s done, sign in by using the sign in option that you’ll notice in the upper right corner

Step 2:
Once that’s done, you’ll be guided to a new set of tabs to choose from. Scroll them and find the “Enroll Your Devices” tab, click it.

Step 3:
You’ll be guided to a guide for enrolling your device to get the latest public betas. Skip to the second step and click the “Download profile” window.

Click Allow


Step 4:
You’ll be offered to install a new profile for your device, click Install

Type in your passcode and the phone will download the Beta Software Profile

Step 5:

When that’s done, update your iOS like you would normally, by firstly getting in your Settings, then General


What to do after my phone gets crashed?

To prevent your phone getting crashed again, the best thing you would have to do would be to clean your cache or simply reinstall your application. The same message can reboot, or crash your device.


Credit goes to: Artis Klimpmanis
He told us the solution, and aware us about it.
Follow him on instagram @artisklimpmanis

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