Do $10 Smart watch really worth?

There are many kinds of smart watch available on shops, but have you ever thought of $10 smartwatch?

Today, we are going to review this smart watch, so by reading this article you can think if it suits your need.
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This watch is known as DZ09, here’s how it looks:


Processor: MTK6260A 533 MHz CPU
RAM: 128 MB
Battery: 380 mAh
Camera: 0.2 MP

Now lets get back to the real review, i have personally used this watch so first of all we will look at its physical appearance. The physical look is fine, rectangular shaped. The camera is fine, yes i have read bad reviews about it but i do not want to say anything bad about it due to the cost. It just costs $10 so you cannot expect it to provide you a good camera.

It also has a pedometer which helps you to count your steps. There are three or four watch faces which looks good however there’s no digital watch face.

You can also add a SIM and use 2G, watch can be also connected to the smart phone via Bluetooth and functions such as remote camera and remote notification are functional after the watch is connected to the smartphone. The storage can be also expanded by using a SD Card.

The battery is enough and with normal usage it lasts for more than 2 days, so overall, it is good and worth the price. It can be also used as an independent watch.

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