2 Cheapest Smart Watch with WiFi – Less than $50

There are so many smart watches articles present on internet, but no one has mentioned about the cheapest WiFi smartwatch, so MrTechDaily brings you an article about it!

We have researched on many smart watches and have only found two smart watches that has WiFi and also cost less than $50.

1. X01 Smart Watch


I have personally used this smart watch, and i would say, its just perfect and i feel that i don’t have to waste my money on expensive watches such as Samsung Gear, iWatch as this watch is providing me almost all the features at so low price.

The first feature that i would talk about is RAM, it has 512 MB RAM, you may be thinking that it is very less but it is only less when you are comparing it with your smart phone. 512 MB RAM is enough. It has Android 4.4.1, KitKat, the bad thing is that there are no updates. It has 5 MP Camera, which is quite good for normal shots and recording video. However the camera is almost unusable in dark.

The manufacturer has mentioned that it is water-proof. It also comes with heart rate sensor, and steps counter that is all included in Mi Band, so something that just costs $50 and has all these features really worth it. The most important thing is that it has 3G & WiFi. This watch can be used independently.  Just for your information, this watch cannot be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. The battery has 600 mAh which is good enough. For normal usage, it lasts for around two days.

The only bad thing about it is that it has very less Watch Faces, i tried installing applications from Google Play Store but no application worked for this watch, overall this watch is a perfect choice.

2. DZ09 Alpha (QW09)

DZ09 Alpha

This watch is cheaper than X01, it costs me $30 to buy this smart watch. Increasing the budget to X01 would be a better idea since this watch lacks many things that every WiFi watch should have. Now most of you people have heard about DZ09, but Alpha is something new that you have heard after DZ09, actually this is a new version of DZ09 which has WiFi.

It does not have a heart rate sensor, whatever in this price no one would expect to have it, but the biggest problem is that the watch has only 300 mAh, which hardly lasts for a single day. This watch display’s is almost same as the old version, this was really weird that why they didn’t update the design.

The camera is also same as old version, very unusable in dark but just a bit better in light which is very bad, you cannot expect anything good from 2 MP Camera. The best thing about this watch is that it has MANY watch faces, i just can’t tell you the exact number but what i can say is that it has more than 20+ watch faces which made it really look good. It also uses Android 4.4.1 and again this also doesn’t receive the software updates.

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