Is crypto currency mining profitable?

High price of Bitcoin has attracted people to look at other crypto currency, who knows that there will be any other currency similar to Bitcoin with same price it is of now.

Most of the people thinks about mining, most common question about it is: “Is mining profitable?” Now the answer to this question varies from different countries. Mining requires you to run hardware for 24 hours which is not feasible for some countries due to electricity bills.

It also depends on the hardware, a good GPU is required which is mostly expensive, as well as a good processor.
For countries like Pakistan, India & other countries where electricity is expensive, its better to stay away from mining since the profit wouldn’t be too much and is more like wasting time.

Watch out for fraud!

Many websites claim that they mine for you and ask you to invest the money. I request you to stay away from these type of websites. They take your money and go away and you never know. Most of them have even advertisements¬† like: “Double your money now by investing in Bitcoin … or any other crypt-currency.” You must be very careful about these websites.

There are many types of mining now, yes when there are a lot of crypto-currencies, there will be many ways too for mining. You cannot mine Bitcoin using a common processor or GPU but there is one of the crypto-currency that uses Javascript for mining, surprising? And you also never know that which website is using your processor for it.

However we have written an article about these type of mining and how to detect them, so don’t forget to check the article about it.


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