Drones are becoming too common, and so cheaper

Almost at every place, we see the drones. As they are getting common everyday, their price is also becoming affordable.

Drones were first introduced without a camera. At first the drones were very expensive and were very rare. As i was researching about drones, i found a drone for just $16 at one of the e-commerce website which has a camera of 2 MP. I was really surprised to know about it. The drone was very small and looks decent at a running time of 5 minutes.

Cheapest Drone

The only drawback for drones is their running time. The most expensive drone is only able to have 30-40 minutes running time, but anyways there will be a solution for it too as its gets more advanced. No one knew that a drone would just cost $10 without a camera few years ago.

As the drones introduced, it was not very easy to run it. You need to gain a good experience. There are many incidents that happened due to the drone being not ran by a trained person.

Whatever, the interest for people seems to be increasing on drone. Almost every media is using drones for news, and even for photography.

Muhammad Hamza

A person addicted to technology

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