Firefox Quantum Browser – New Update & Features

If you are already using Firefox and has automatic updates enabled you would have noticed huge changes in your browser. Yes, it is the biggest update by Firefox, and now it is known as Firefox Quantum Browser.

Today, we will mention all the new features and compare it with other browsers.

I am using this browser since five years ago, there were always many options but Firefox being very simply and fast never made me change my browser. Whether it is Windows or Linux, i only use Firefox. The new update has impressed many people and the people who moved from Chrome to Firefox made a wrong move. Firefox team worked very hard and took them long time for the major update.

Major Features

1. Performance

The best feature that EVERY end user needs. Firefox Quantum is now 5x more faster. No matter if you have less memory, this browser will always run faster on your machine.

2. Memory Optimized

Most of the browsers use large amount of memory such as Chrome. I was really surprised to see that Firefox Quantum was just using 300 MB RAM with 10 tabs. So now this proves that even if you have less amount of memory, you really do not need to worry about it. Google Chrome used around 1 GB of memory, making it really un-optimized for PC with lower RAM.

3. Better UI

The browser now looks more modern, just like how it should be. More animations, much better. Moreover, the tabs now are square-shaped.

4. Default Search Engine

The default search engine is now set back to Google. User can always change it from the settings.

5. Logo Update

The logo is now updated, it just have now more bright colors, not much significant change at all.

Final Verdict

As the features mentioned above, it is very much well-optimized and has way better UI than other browsers. So this browser is good for both high-RAM & low-RAM computers.

Muhammad Hamza

A person addicted to technology

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