Should you use platform as a freelancer or make your own website?

There are many platforms where you can be a freelancer and earn money. But for some reasons some platforms are not recommended.

I personally do not recommend anyone to use any websites to offer freelance services, instead one should make their own websites to show a portfolio and deal with the clients.

One of the platform is Fiverr, the reason behind it is that the buyers are always finding for the cheap services. Believe me or not, i have completed many projects at Fiverr (As a buyer) and has found so cheap services from there even though with quality. The services that should be offered for more than $100 are offered for just $5. The value is so decreased badly, and thus this is just going to affect the freelancers itself.

Low Value of Freelancers

The e-commerce websites are being offered for just $100 at those platforms while the real e-commerce website starts at $1000. There are many complains by freelancers, so these type of platforms must be avoided if you would not like to offer your services so cheap and that also decreases the value.

Instead, one must make their own website to show their online presence. I have myself worked as a freelancer and by working on Fiverr, i would just earn $5 per order while without Fiverr, and i have my own personal website, i earned much higher than this. Yes the risks for fraud are always higher when you are dealing with customers but at least you will get what you are hard working for.

Muhammad Hamza

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