Is the “iPhone X” really worth 1400$?

About iPhone X

The iPhone X is a modern smartphone, that has been recently released by the all-known company titled “Apple”. Like always, the newest iPhones introduce new features, yet with that – they cost more too.

Starting off with the money you’ll give away for the iPhone X – 1400 dollars. 1400 dollars can buy you a car, a decent computer, they would even cover your apartment rent bills for multiple months. Yet how much does Apple spend to make the smartphone? You wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they spend 100 more dollars in producing the iPhone X than the iPhone 8, knowing all the high-end tech they use in it. You’d be surprised to find out they spend 370,25 dollars to make the phone itself. Meaning they charge you more than one thousand dollars for what – brand? Work itself? Answer is simple – business. The next iPhone could cost 1700 dollars and people would still buy it, no matter how much it actually should cost. But let’s not criticize Apple’s way of making money, after all, they make a lot. Let’s rather bring up actual facts and compare it to the iPhone 6s, the phone that out of any other iPhone, sold the most.

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iPhone 6S 32GB

Price: 650$

iPhone 6s


  • iOS 11
  • 4,7 inch IPS LCD screen
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • 326 ppi pixel density
  • Ability to capture 4k videos with 30fps
  • Dual-core A9 CPU
  • 1715 mAh battery capacity

iPhone X 64GB

Price: 1400$


iPhone X

  • iOS 11
  • 5,8 inch OLED screen
  • Face sensor
  • 459 ppi pixel density
  • Ability to capture 4k videos with 60fps
  • Hexa-core A11 CPU
  • 2716 mAh battery capacity

So it’s pretty clear to notice that you’re paying twice as much as the iPhone 6S costs for the iPhone X. The iPhone X yet really does have perks the 6S doesn’t, yet we’re comparing a phone that came out months ago and a phone that came out 3 years ago.

So is the iPhone X a good purchase for you?

If you are interested in joining the new wave and own the most advanced phone ever produced, yet ready to spend more due to small facts that makes it “stand out” – Yes

If you are looking for saving cash, and you don’t require the extra features the new phone has – No




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