MIUI 9 Stable – Finally released for some devices- Features

If you are using one of the Xiaomi phone, then you must be waiting for MIUI 9. Those who don’t know what MIUI is, it is actually a system software for Xiaomi phones like for Huawei there is EMUI.

The beta MIUI 9 was already released in end of July, most people were confused whether they would get this update and were expecting to get it in August but found out that it is not stable and at that time MIUI didn’t even release the date for stable release.

On 3rd of November, MIUI 9 started rolling out for Redmi Note 4 and other phone. Few of the people got the update while others were waiting and MIUI forum was filled with questions that when they will get update. It was rolling out slowly, i myself didn’t get the update and updated on 4th of November manually by downloading the update from their website. The update process manually was smooth and i did not face any problem.


Now lets go to the features, the first feature that i discovered was:

1. Split Screen

I did not see a lot of significant change in MIUI 9 except for split screen feature however this feature is really great. You can use two applications at same time, since Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is 5.5 inch, it makes it easier for split screen features. The bad thing is that some of the applications are not supported so sadly you are not able to use in some for them. I tested Split Screen feature on the following applications: WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube & pre-installed applications.

2. Icon Animation

There is a small change in icons, you will see an animation whenever you touch on any icon or go back.

3. Performance

The phone was already so faster before, but i noticed that the performance has become even better. Once again MIUI has showed that their phones are really perfect and never lags. Opening any application doesn’t take a lot of time.

4. Screen Recorder

When i update to MIUI 9, i saw a new application that appeared and it is a screen recorder. Finally i don’t need to download screen recorders from Play store, saved from annoying pop-up advertisements. There are many options in screen recorder and you can change the video quality.

5. Battery Timing:

For me, the battery timing has improved. However some people have complained on forums and are facing issue with battery drain.

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