Best payment gateways for your non-registered business

Today, we bring you the payment methods for non-registered business. People around the world faces a lot of problem when company is not registered, but since you have come to MrTechDaily, you will not face this problem anymore.

We have done a lot of research and can confirm that the payment methods below can be used for non-registered business.


With this payment method you do not need to be a registered company to accept any type of crypto-currency. Well in these crypto-currencies the good thing is that you do not need to show your identity. So if you are a startup and not registered then the best method is You can accept more than 200+ Crypto-currencies including Bitcoin. The best thing about is that there are a lot of integration’s for e-commerce software so that will make it easier for you in automation.

2. PerfectMoney

In this method it is optional to be verified as a business. There are a lot of choices in PerfectMoney, however verifying will show that the account is verified but it is not necessary. However some websites require that when using PerfectMoney your account should be verified so you might get stuck at this place. There are also many integration’s available on their website for e-commerce stores.

3. Payssion

You might not have heard a lot about it but this company is really great. You can accept 200 payment options, varying from different countries. Some of the famous payment methods include AliPay, UnionPay, WebMoney, SOFORT Banking, QIWI, Yandex.Money and there are so many so i cannot list all of them here. You might know that getting merchant accounts for some methods like AliPay is one of the most hard thing, so Payssion solves this problem. The only problem is that it has less integration, means that there very less modules of shopping cart which really makes it hard as there would be no automation, making your life harder. But whatever this is really the best solution, even when you are not a registered company and you are able to accept the payments from 200 methods.

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