Watch your CPU! Some Websites Are Using Your Browser for Mining

The interest in crypt-currency has increased due to Bitcoin price, now since the price of Bitcoin is very high, people do not find it feasible to invest on it so people are looking for alternative options. Now you never know if any of the website is using your CPU for mining, however in this article we will also mention how to detect it.

There are many kinds of browser crypto-currencies miner, most of them are Javascript miner that they embed in their website without letting you know about it. Since this integration is very easy there will be many websites that will start taking their advantage. Instead of annoying advertisements, they might be using this miner. This is also very profitable for them when there are a lot of users on the website everyday.

There is one of the easy way to detect this type of mining, whatever there might be many software or extensions that would have come to detect it but we will be finding it through manual way.

Steps 1:

Open your task manager, right click on bottom bar and click on “Task Manager”.

Step 2:

Check the CPU usage of your browser, there must be very unusual CPU Usage, it will be higher than the normal web page you have opened. However you must close other tabs and open the specific website that you think that they are using your CPU for mining. You can then compare it with the normal web pages.

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