Why you should avoid Fiverr as a freelancer and a buyer

Whenever a person is looking for work, people usually suggest them to use freelancing platforms such as Fiverr.

Indeed it is very easy to sign-up on those platforms, just few details like your name, email, phone number and just phone number verification is done which every person can do so easily. Moreover on those platforms if a child knows very well about information is also able to sign-up.

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Why its not good for sellers?

I myself was a seller on Fiverr and i know what used to happen. It only didn’t happen with me but also with the guys i know. I am member of my many community’s forums and i have heard from them.
A new buyer that is just here for abusing services will simply order your GIG, no matter how much it costs. When your order is finished and you have submitted your work successfully, the buyer will give such a good review to your GIG.
There is a requirement on Fiverr to wait at-least 10-15 days for money withdrawal. After few days your order is completed you might receive an email about a dispute opened by the buyer, why would he open this dispute when everything went good?

Even if you contact their customer service they will not do anything but their recorded reply will surely apologize you.
This has happened with me three times, so its really useless to go to customer service. Anyways there’s nothing that they can do too since dispute is opened from payment gateway, it goes into control of bank now.

Since your work was submitted you never know that it is still being used, well when files are already saved into buyer’s computer, who can remove them? None!

Fiverr can do lot of things to avoid it like making verification strict, but none of these measures have been taken.

I would always suggest you to STOP USING FIVERR WHERE YOUR HARD WORK MAY BE USED BY SOME ABUSER and you won’t be paid for doing that work!

Why its not good for buyers?

I was also a buyer on Fiverr and i saw what those GIGs were offering in actual, SUCH fancy GIGs with so nice reviews never benefited me. They even guaranteed that they would benefit in few months, but no benefit was seen in six months.

What sellers mostly sell there on the name of traffic?

Once i ordered a GIG where seller would promote my website by social media promotion and would bring traffic that would increase my sales, the GIG had really nice reviews and all information mentioned there was really attractive. I ordered the GIG and i tracked all the traffic via Google Analytics and other web applications to monitor every single visitor. Guess what visitors were they?

Just bots from different IP browsing my website, visiting all of the web pages. They were really fixed on web pages, the whole procedure was like, Visit Home > Product > About > Contact in this process. They are just fooling the buyers.

What platforms should i move to then?

There are lot of platforms for freelancers that you should try. Use the freelancer platform that requires that requires verification, it may harder for you to verify but at least you will be assured that nothing will happen to you like what happens on Fiverr.


Moreover you can also see reviews of Fiverr on review websites, mostly posted by sellers and buyer.

Below are the list of review websites where you can see review about Fiverr


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